De-Gunk Your Tools


IN brushes and combs have natural anti-bacterial properties that help them stay clean—but daily use adds up. Here’s an overlooked regimen that’s good to add to your cosmetic cleaning list. 

1. Pull all the hair out of your bristles.

Obvious? Perhaps. But as you’re getting ready for the day, you’ve got too much on our mind to to notice the hair balls (and dust mites and bacteria) that accumulate your brushes. Take the time every now & then to loosen things up with a rat-tail comb end or pen. And if it’s truly trapped, snip across the center with nail scissors.

Round brushes can be hard to de-hair. Try a once-over with a vacuum cleaner (yes, vacuum cleaner).

2. Spritz 

Make a 1:1 solution with organic white vinegar & water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the brush or tools. 

Let this sit for 5-10 minutes.

3. Shampoo or Swipe

For heat tools, use a washcloth with 1 tsp of Harmonic shampoo and some warm water to wipe things down. Follow with a clean water wipe. (And if you’ve used Harmonic, you know how enjoyable this experience will be.)

For brushes and combs, fill the bathroom sink halfway with 1 Tbsp of Harmonic and warm water. Submerge and work through base and bristles, then blow dry or place in a well-ventilated & sunny place.

Oil is the new Lotion.

Lotion loyalists: We’re sorry to crash your seemingly perfect world of hydration. You thought you had a good thing going…but hey—wouldn’t you want to know?

Truth: creamy texture but an illusion. Most lotions add up to 70% water, emulsifiers, and other miscellaneous ingredients just to create the creamy.

Some of these additives aren’t necessarily beneficial or great for your skin. In fact, some of the emulsifying processes used by conventional lotions create known carcinogens and pollute ground water sources. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Essential oils, on the other hand, are 100% pure hydration. Unlike lotion, our oils are also naturally:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Non-comedogenic: meaning, they won’t clog your pores!
  • Cleansing—oil removes oil, so massaging an essential oil into your skin will naturally remove build-up on hair and skin.

Clear skin for the win.


They also multi-task:

  • Use as massage oil to soothe sore muscles
  • Soften the summer-crispy ends of your hair.
  • Breathe in the health benefits of essential oils.

Ah, but aren’t they… OILY?

Forget the nasty, slicky, even sticky, quick-hand-me-a-towel oils of yore.

Used in the correct amount, essential oil isn’t like that. Promise. A drop of oil covers the same area as several pumps of a conventional lotion. Oils immediately absorb into the skin and protect the skin’s natural lipid barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating quickly – so your skin feels soft and hydrated longer.

The best way to apply essential to massage into damp skin after a shower. If time permits, it’s best to wait 3 minutes (mini-meditation, anyone?) before getting dressed to allow oils to really sink in. 


Bright, spicy, soft mint, citrusy, floral: Pick your pleasure and try one of our USDA Certified Organic, food-grade essential oil Elixirs for glowing summer skin.

Summer Lovin’ in Teen Vogue! Plant Stem Cell Gel Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for skin that tends to get oilier in the summer heat.


By nature, salon and spa professionals are caregivers. Even healers. In the busy day-to-day of client bookings, it’s so easy to forget this beautiful power.

Many of us—including us at IN—know intimately how fighting cancer looks and feels. Humbling, grueling, personal, profound. Salon and spa services can bring a deeply needed moment to simply feel good. To feel like oneself.

We are honored to join with Oncology Esthetics® for a 3-day intensive Esthetics certification devoted to serving clients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Your gift matters. The question is: who will leave feeling more healed?Please join us and spread the word.

Oncology Esthetics Certification – for Skin Care professionals
June 22–23–24, 2014, 8am–5pm each day, $695

Hosted at the Intelligent Nutrients Institute in Minneapolis, MN.


For additional information and to register for the upcoming class, please click on the attached link: or send an email to:

What is Triclosan? (And why we’re thrilled it’s banned.)

Our home state made history when Minnesota was the first to ban anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan, effective January 1, 2017.


This chemical is prevalent in anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, cleaning products and more. Yet no evidence shows its any better at eliminating germs than washing with soap and water. This isn’t news to us, (LINK) but we’re relieved to see real action and mainstream awareness shed light on this dangerous ingredient. 

What the evidence indicates:

  •  Exposure overtime to antibacterial ingredients including triclosan “could pose health risks, such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects.” -The FDA.
  •  “Studies on the health effects of triclosan indicate that it is endocrine (hormonally) active and has the potential to affect the liver, blood, thyroid, and reproductive systems.” -The State of Minnesota.
  • It is harmful to aquatic plants & animals. “Limited studies show it may impact survival and reproduction in aquatic animals” -The State of Minnesota.
  • A CDC study found triclosan present in the urine of 75% of the people tested.

Intelligent Nutrients Hand Sanitizer has always been triclosan-free. We use ethyl alcohol to wipe out 99.9% of bad bacteria without using unnecessary chemicals. Paired with certified organic ingredients and skin soothers, what’s not to love? 

Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development

We are delighted to announce that Nicole Rechelbacher, our co-president and the daughter of Horst Rechelbacher, will be attending Sustainable Cosmetics Summit CEO Round Table to discuss the future of the green products industry on behalf of Intelligent Nutrients.

Find out more here:

We typically don’t celebrate Earth Day, since at our offices Earth day is every day. But this year we wanted to share something that Horst wrote in his final days – a letter to the planet. It captures why we are committed to what we do.

Honor the EARTH every DAY.

Share your #LetterToThePlanet on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by 4/30 for a chance to win a year of IN certified organic products.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR #LetterToThePlanet 

  1. Post your photo/video/poem/status/message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  2. Hashtag: #LetterToThePlanet
  3. Tag Intelligent Nutrients (Facebook/Instagram: @IntelligentNutrients / Twitter: @IntelligentNutr)

*We will select one lucky contestant by 4/30.

IN Ingredient Love: Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Complex

Ever watch a time-lapse of seeds morphing into plant form? Boom. Any kitchen gardener has marveled that one itty bitty seed can grow into a entire being. All that power and potential is in the seed—and extracted into most Intelligent Nutrients products, including our new skin care.

Our Intellimune® Antioxidant Super Seed Complex is an antioxidant wonder that also delivers omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from the seeds of black cumin, red grape, raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry.

Each of these seed types is teeming with their own unique immune boosting, skin-happy vitamins. 

Thousands of these organic seeds are cold-pressed to capture their life force at peak potential without the use of chemicals. Cold, because it preserves their efficacy. The process yields more antioxidant power in one serving of Intellimune complex than from 10 pounds of fresh berries.*

It’s so good you wish you could eat it. Which, by the way you can in oil or powdered form.

Why? Intellimune:**

  • Boosts immunity
  • Promotes healthy cell growth — i.e., pretty skin 
  • Reduces inflammation that leads to aging and redness 
  • Helps vanquish aging pollution & UV radiation
  • Fatty acids moisturize & boost elasticity 

Basically, it’s fairy dust for your face.

*Based on testing of components in blueberries, raspberries and Intellimune.

IN Ingredient Love: Plant Stem Cells

Let’s face it. A tiny part of us cringes at the mention of stem cells. We think of something that might lead to protests or a scene from a sci-fi movie. But don’t worry! You need not enter the Matrix to get this.  

Plant stem cells are simply:

1. The source of new cells
2. They can become ANY part of a plant 
3. They are 100% potential

Imagine breathing new life into your skin, that’s the gist of it. 

Exhausted cells getting the relief of a spa-day, the energy of a spin class and the reboot of a juice cleanse. The stem cells we use are meristematic or undifferentiated plant cells, meaning they’re filled with the highest concentration of antioxidants to help protect and repair.  And they do — 95% of women saw the difference in their skin after 40 days. These cells also take on the powers of the plants they grow into, so naturally, we chose plants that do great things*:

Intelligent Nutrients’ plant stem cells are created in a super-sustainable lab environment that is chemical-free and yields 1000 times the anti-oxidant activity of conventional plants, that’s 1000 times the power to protect skin from elements, reduce wrinkle depth, increase skin hydration and elasticity… In other words,1000 times the potential to be flawless. 

If it’s still hard to imagine, see for yourself. The new collection is here (link to product page).

*Based upon lab, clinical and consumer studies.

IN Ingredient Love: Algae Bio Actives

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science® Skin Care uses a super-concentrated, super-charged blend of worldly ingredients that harness the powers of the sea: Algae Bio Actives.

Yes, algae. Ask yourself: have your ever seen a wrinkled dolphin?

But really, underwater life is jam-packed with Phyto-nutrients, proteins and minerals that our skin craves.

Most algae have built in self-defense mechanisms that create a slippery protective skin to prevent them from drying out at low tide. This “skin” is very similar to human skin and when adapted as a skincare ingredient provides a continuous, ongoing moisture barrier. 

You don’t need David Attenborough to narrate the other reasons why life under the sea is so spectacular. There’s a rhythm to being in the ocean that is calming and energizing at the same time. That is the natural essence of the Algae Bio Actives component of Plant Stem Cell Science® Skin Care. 

It is comprised for four types of algae, each with their own distinctive qualities and powers beyond your wildest mer-dreams.

   The planet has lost one of its most passionate friends. So have we. To know Horst was to wake up to the world around you, to your own potential, to a new way of thinking. His impact truly does live on in salons, shops, fields and minds worldwide. And his mission continues.

The planet has lost one of its most passionate friends. So have we. To know Horst was to wake up to the world around you, to your own potential, to a new way of thinking. His impact truly does live on in salons, shops, fields and minds worldwide. And his mission continues.

Theodore - London Fashion Week SS 2014


Theodore loves working with his regular clientele as well as educating new clients to attain the very best for their hair. Theodore is absolutely passionate about his role as Head of Education and Training for Intelligent Nutrients UK - he is inspired to be working with such excellent organic products that he knows will provide amazing results.  Furthermore, his interest and experience in hair care, art, essential oils and wellbeing are all brought to the fore when promoting this superb organic hair care range.  During 2013 he has represented Intelligent Nutrients on QVC in the UK.

Theodore has some great insider hair tips from London Fashion Week SS 2014. 




Tousled hair

This was an overwhelmingly popular look by Mulberry, Preen, Burberry, Christopher Kane and many more.

Apply Certified Organic Spray On Detangler liberally, followed by Certified Organic Styling Gel and a couple of drops of your favorite Intelligent Nutrients oil. Finger part your hair down middle or low side and dry or scrunch w high heat and low air with the Intelligent Nutrients Hair Dryer to achieve soft movement in the ends.

Alternately plait dry hair loosely then run Intelligent Nutrients Fat Irons over plait and undo at the last minute. Comb thru with Detangling Comb and finish w the smallest amount of Certified Organic Styling Pomade through the part to smooth and tuck behind the ears if desired.



Mexican street hair - House of Holland

Start by liberally spraying Certified Organic volume spray throughout root to tips and dry with the Original Paddle Brush. Take random sections thru the back and curl with Intelligent Nutrients Flat Irons or large tongs into big loose waves. Brush thru lightly with Eco Chic styling brush and apply 1 pump of the Certified Organic styling pomade liberally thru front of hair, slicking back away from the face w fingers only. Next apply Certified Organic perfect hold hairspray to the front and blast w Hot air to set. Finish off with the lightest mist of certified organic shine spray.



70’s inspired waves - Vivienne Westwood

Firstly apply Certified Organic Styling Gel and Certified Organic Volume Spray liberally to hair and dry roughly w Fingers. Brush through with the Original Paddle Brush and proceed to curl hair with medium Tongs or hot rollers. Lightly mist w hairspray as you go and pin curls up to cool and dry thoroughly.

Brush lightly through with the Eco Sleek Styling Brush and back brush the crown to front area creating the height you desire. Lightly smooth over with Eco Chic Styling Brush and spray lightly with Certified Organic Perfect Hold Hairspray to finish.

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Beyond Organic: Plant Stem Cell Science


Intelligent Nutrients is always looking for the better way – for beauty and for the planet. Our meristematic technology does both, brilliantly.

Plant Stem Cells Explained

Stem cells are the source of new cells – the highly concentrated pre-cell where development begins. In a plant, they can repair and replace damaged cells by dividing and regenerating themselves almost infinitely. Now we apply this regenerative superpower to your skin.

Our stem cells have 1000x (not a typo) times the antioxidant concentrations of plants in nature. Delivering massive benefits beyond the ingredient alone, that’s why we created Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex products for targeted treatment, eyes and allover treatment.

  • Edelweiss – inherently powerful from surviving the harshest condition, this power plant reduces wrinkle depth up to 15% after 20 days of use
  • Coneflower – 28% more hydration & proven increased elasticity
  • Pennywort – Visibly evens skin tone, firms & rebounds elasticity – up to 90% inhibition of aging enzymes in skin

Agriculture Free

Beyond organic plants or ingredients, our stem cells are cultivated and harvested in a laboratory. Eliminating agriculture—organic or otherwise—helps us do better:

  • 1,000 tons of water saved
  • Fewer energy inputs & greenhouse gases output
  • Zero herbicides, pesticides and fungicides
  • Non-GMO

Not only is the ingredient more pure, the process is too. See what it does for your personal impact on your world.

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Where are all the bees?


World, we’ve got a problem. And it may be in your neighbor’s garden shed.

Just recently, 25,000 bees dropped from the skies in a shopping center parking lot. (  It’s the latest in a scary global trend. A common pesticide for crops and gardens is now a top suspect in what’s killing our bees. Called Neonicotinoids, it’s also threatening other mammals and a clean water supply.

The European Food Safety Authority already put a 2- year ban on this pesticide. In the US, it’s still widely used.

Neonicotinoids, are believed to be the main culprit of our dwindling bee populations.

Why is this important?

Einstein said, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Here’s why: Bees help pollinate flowers and vitally important crops such as nuts, vegetables and fruits. The noted decline in bee populations in North America over the past few years – a 31% decline in bee colonies over the 2012-2013 winter alone – could lead to a massive decline in our nation and world’s food supply chain.

Even pizzavores should know – all food starts with crops. Animals eat grains. The bee loss impact is estimated to be $40B in the US alone ( 

What can we do to help?

You can take simple steps right at home to keep our shared environment more balanced, healthy and bee-friendly. The University of Minnesota suggests these four methods in helping sustain our bee population:

1. Plant bee flowers everywhere
2. Provide nesting habitats
3. Reduce or eliminate pesticide use
4. Support our efforts to keep bees healthy and on their own six feet

Many pesticides sold in your local Home Depot or Lowes contain harmful Neonicotinoids. As you start your summer gardening, avoid using any pesticides or insecticides that contain this ingredient.

  • Try using alternative pesticide methods for your garden that are not harmful to the soil, water, bees and other critters hanging out in your yard.
  • Handpicking, companion planting and crop rotation are only a few alternative methods to organically achieve a healthier garden, a healthier you and a healthier world.

For more information on bees and how you can lend a helping hand in protecting our bees, check out these websites:

Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit that defends bees and other pollinators and our ecosystems. (

Get the academic facts from the  US government (

Notes from the Farm: Spilanthes

Intelligent Nutrients has our very own organic farm in Wisconsin where we cultivate plants for products and the future. As a student of nature, Horst uses this sunny acreage as testing ground/playground to study and investigate plant species before they even get into our formulas. 

The latest: Spilanthes. Long a friend of the naturopath, this plant is known for all sorts of clearing, anti- microbial and antibacterial properties… and a rather curious party trick.

What’s crazy about Spilanthes is that when you eat it, it makes your mouth tingle. If that doesn’t pique your curiosity, get this: it can turn your mouth numb and make you produce saliva. A lot of it. It can even make your mouth go numb. Talk about an exciting Saturday night. 

IN is currently studying the curious powers of this flowering herb. Check back here to find out how we’ll be using Spilanthes in future. 

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